Preventing Anxiety in Kids about Coronavirus

If you have young children in your care please be mindful about how all the conversations about the coronavirus may affect them. There is really no need for young children to be party to these conversations and it has the potential to increase their anxiety needlessly. Please just cut off the tv when they’re around and have adult discussions when they are not in the room. Let the adults take the proper precautions and protect the kids not only from the virus, to the extent that they can,  but from the hype and anxiety it may cause. Young children are not developmentally capable of appropriately processing this information and they don’t have the same coping strategies that adults do. I’m sure that in the coming weeks I will see kids who are very anxious about this and it’s unnecessary.  If young children do hear about it from others reassure them that adults in charge are taking care of the situation and they don’t need to worry about it. And of course it’s important for the adults to stay calm as well because children will sense our anxiety and it will escalate theirs.

About Gretchen Derda (Woosley), MSW, LCSW

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in a private psychotherapy practice where I specialize in work with families and children. My focus is to help families improve their functioning so that each member of the family can reach their full potential, becoming the persons they were meant to be.
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