From an adult woman:

“I met Gretchen after a traumatic experience which left me feeling emotionally fragile. I can see and feel that she cares about how I am doing, and due to her training and skill, I am happy and functioning in a way that I never thought would be possible.  I am grateful that I found her.”

From a mother:

“I have worked with Gretchen over the past three years through the transition from separation to divorce to a new relationship.  She has always been very honest about areas I need to improve upon as well as how to help guide my children through this very emotional period.  I have also recommended Gretchen to friends going through similar situations and they have been equally pleased to work with Gretchen.”

From a father:

“Under Gretchen’s guidance, our child has grown emotionally and developmentally.  On issues we have thought massive, her direction has given us a clear path to travel.  When we thought our child had immense odds stacked against him, her fresh outlook provided him with an extraordinary opportunity to heal mentally.”